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Food For Thought

Our experience is not so much about what we do, but rather, the quality of who..

Our experience is not so much about what we do, but rather, the quality of who we are. Not what we think, but how we think and how we act upon those thoughts. Free will and choice are our God given right. The only thing we can ever control is our choice to be happy or unhappy. In this time of polarization and turmoil on our planet finding the center within ourselves seems to be the only sane thing to do. I teach people to be more centered with food. But that is only one piece of the puzzle. To move from a place of judgement into a place of unattached observation and understanding. To know that every breath is a gift. Every person, every drop of water, every blade of grass is a miracle. I do not normally quote the Bible, however, I will share this quote because it speaks to the point I am trying to make.

EMF Protection

EMF Protection

Humans have their own electric frequency. Like sound waves, electric and magnetic fields are made of a mixture of components and so can be described in many different ways. Both Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) and sound have wave-like properties such a s strength and "frequency". Just as sound can be loud or soft, strong or weak, have a constant tone or be pure and jarring. Similarly, EMF's posess a mix of components. The problem occurs when these man-created outside "frequencies" interfere with our internal electric frequencies creating dis-ease.

Ground Yourself and Release Tension

Ground Yourself and Release Tension

When I first started meditation, my goal was to have an out of body experience. I was searching for some ethereal answer from outside of myself. Straining mentally to reach out into the outer reaches of the cosmos and by doing so, achieve a greater understanding of some unknown and mysterious Universal Law. I smile when I think of those days. I now know that all the answers I need have been hardwired within my DNA. It wasn't until I started grounding myself that the answers I so desperately wanted started to emerge. What a beautiful and elegant creation we are, sublimely bathed in the experience of being human. I have learned to consider sacred the organic vessel which houses the soul. Yet when I look around, I see so many people treating their bodies like some undeserving garbage dump.

Strengthen Yourself Rather Than Fight

Strengthen Yourself Rather Than Fight

As long as we violently oppose those things we hate, we do nothing but give the object of our hatered more strength. A warrior always needs an enemy and a war to fight. They go together.

Wheat Grass Juice vs. Gluten

Wheat Grass Juice vs. Gluten

I have been warning people of the dangers of gluten grains for 20 years. You may be asking yourself then why is she telling people to drink the juice from the grass part of a gluten grain? This is a perfect example of how different parts of a plant can be beneficial and other parts harmful. Gluten is found only in the grain portion of the plant (acid-forming) not the green leaf and sprout top (highly alkaline-forming). If properly juiced and manufactured there will be no gluten in the juice of wheat, barley, rye, kamut and spelt grasses. However, if the label doesn’t say gluten-free, don’t take a chance. I am gluten intolerant and have never had a problem with wheat grass juice. Because different people may be sensitive to different things, make sure the label says gluten-free and trust how it makes you feel.

Sweet Wheat Benefits Diabetes

Sweet Wheat

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Supply and demand for fuel is compromised in a diabetic body. Diets that raise insulin levels are high in refined carbohydrates, refined sugar, high calorie meals, low in fiber and fresh foods. Does this sound like you?

The True Value of Silver

SilverBiotics Silver

Before doctors used antibiotics to treat infections they used silver. Historically, silver has had medicinal uses going back for centuries.  Hippocrates, the man known as the father of modern medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant. It has been used for everything from eyedrops for eye infections to wound dressings to treating the common cold. In the early 1900s, silver gained regulatory approval as an antimicrobial agent. Once antibiotics were introduced in the 1940s, the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent diminished.

3 Ways to Make Almond Milk

Almond Milk Recipe

When my youngest son was little, I made this recipe every couple of days. It became routine. I bought the almonds bulk on-line, so it was not only routine but economical. I would then keep the “milk” in a crock pitcher in the refrigerator. This recipe can be used as you would cow’s milk.

If You Want to Heal the World, Heal Yourself

Garrett Walters

Garrett Walters is one of my spiritual teachers and I’m happy to say, a good friend. He has touched my life in so many positive ways I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Never pious or preachy, but always honest, loving and to the point or should I say the heart. Garrett has given me permission to share excerpts from some of his emails sent to me over the years. My desire is that his words will touch you as they have touched me and give you permission to heal on every level of your being.

Yummy Cream Pie Recipe

Coconut Cream Pie

I love this recipe because it’s so versatile. The filling makes a great quick pudding for a tasty lunch box or after school treat. Also good for anyone trying to loose weight who might be struggling with intense cravings, this is the perfect healthy go-to treat. The filling for this recipe does not need to be formal. Instead of a pie, make a parfait layering filling with organic berries. Turn it into a summertime barbecue show stopper. Press the crust into a pizza pan and pour on the filling. Top with sliced strawberries, blueberries or whatever fruit you like. Once set it transports easily and needs no refrigeration.