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A Balanced Life

A balanced life is a life lived in harmony with ourselves, each other, the natural order of our ecosystem and the undeniable universal law in which we all exist. As a culture, we have wandered so far off the natural path, we have become dangerously close to loosing our way. Stressing out over being perfect is what got us into this situation in the first place.

Why Test Urine and Saliva pH?

When we test pH levels we are interpreting the language of our body communicating with us.  Urine tells us our history (metabolic) and saliva our most recent choices (reactive) – both are important.  The foods we have just eaten will soon become our history. 

Life is a Sacred Gift

Understanding and accepting that many of the circumstances in our lives, even the ones that appear to be adverse, are dictated by the soul's need for growth.

 Have you ever stopped to think that your illness is your body speaking to you. If you take the time to listen you will understand that without words you are being given a warning to shape up or soon you will be shipping out.