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The Effect of Foods You Eat

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Wouldn’t you love to know what a food is going to do to your pH level before you eat it? Or that one cup of coffee? Now you can with our pHood Calculator app. This app has been developed to take the guesswork out of what to eat for pH balance. Lose weight and get fit your way. Eat what you want, when you want as long as you maintain pH optimal balance. Following this pH balance program can give you a total body detox along with boosting your immune system and just may change your life in ways you can't yet imagine.

Our pH level tracking app has been a great success thanks to you. This latest update includes most of the wonderful suggestions our followers have been sending us. We've added more new foods, made the navigation easier and given you complete lists from each icon category. Our customers have found that a pH diet is the healthiest, fastest and easiest way to lose weight and get healthy. A successful diet is one that lasts a lifetime. Use the pHood Calculator app along with our Home Test pH Kit,  FREE Toxic Screening Test app and A pH Mind app for optimal results.  

With pH balanced nutrition, weight loss is only one of the many benefits. When you reduce pH acid levels, and raise the pH alkaline ratio miracles begin to happen. See for yourself what the right diet can do for you... you have nothing to lose but pounds and inches along with: reducing acid reflux; stopping bone loss; enhanced mental clarity; clear skin; being better able to absorb vitamins and minerals; eliminate bloat along with other stubborn wellness challenges. Think of this app as your own personal pH trainer in the palm of your hand. 

You know you should be eating differently, but what foods will help you reach your goals? The pHood Calculator works as a meal planner or an on-the-spot meal revealer. A pH balanced, high alkaline level diet is one of the keys to total body wellness. See what your food choices are or are not doing for you before you make them. This is the perfect companion to pH strip use. We want your fork to be your best friend not your worst enemy.  

Food pH ratios and weight loss go hand in hand. A pH balanced, high alkaline level diet is one of the keys to your success! When practicing pH balance and consistency in your diet efforts, weight loss and wellness will be the natural result. Download our apps today, you’ll have nothing to lose but pounds and inches, heartburn and pain.