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$16.00 $9.60

The E Magazine Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth - 336 pages, paperback. From the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine.

Experts suggest that by 2005, 40 percent of American homes will buy organic, yet a large majority have only a limited knowledge of how to actually make informed, green choices. Green Living, from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine offers a thorough, step-by-step plan for every aspect of your life, from the laundry room to the kitchen:

  • Maintaining a healthy home
  • Going organic and avoiding genetically modified food
  • Finding a planet-friendly car
  • Making socially responsible investments
  • Using personal-care products free of damaging chemicals

With advice on everything from planet-friendly cosmetics to home-based renewable energy, and straight talk on hemp, hybrids and hair coloring, Green Living is the ideal reference for both the neophyte and the experienced environmentalist.