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Alkalizer - Water Machine & Replacement Filters

After many years of selling The Alkalizer and its Replacement Filter we will no longer be able to provide this service to our customers. In time I will have contact information on how you can get the filters from another source. Getting the filters has become impossible and I don't feel comfortable promising I can get filters when I'm never sure when or if the shipment will arrive. As soon as I have reliable information on where you can get  filters I will post it here. 
In the mean time here is some information that will help until you can get a filter. The owner of DBS International has told me that if you have purchased a new filter within the past 3 years those filters will work far longer than one year. Even if the light goes on there is still more life in the filter. The light is calibrated for the old filters and will not accurately tell you when filters need to be replaced. He also said that cleaning your filter once a month will prolong the life significantly (see below for directions). The length of time in the life of a filter will depend on the quality of the water going into the machine. Which is why I have always recommended a pre-filter on the water source going into the machine. 
The machine will continue to ionize the water with or without a new filter. The filter helps filter out any impurities and improves the taste of the water. If you have very hard water your filter may not last as long especially if there is no pre-filter used.

Directions to prolong the filter you currently have:  Set the controls on the acid setting and run cold water through the filter for 10 minutes. Do this procedure once a month and your filter should be good for several years... even if the light stays on. 
If you have a filter manufactured over three years ago: From the time the replacement warning light goes on you have 2-3 months before replacing the filter is necessary. Doing the cleaning procedure outlined above will also help.  
Contact us if you need your machine repaired or serviced. I can give you the name of a man you can mail the unit to for such service. 
If you can no longer use your water machine because of an old worn out filter you might want to take a look at the Velaqua a very good and economical Ionized water system. So sorry for any inconvenience or anguish this may cause. 

President, NewPage Productions, Inc.